5 Facts About Wombi's E-Bike Subscription

5 Facts About Wombi's E-Bike Subscription

Ready to embrace a new era of urban mobility?

Look no further than Wombi's unique e-bike subscription that will leave you itching to jump on an e-bike in Los Angeles. Discover how you can score better bikes for a better price, with the freedom to customize your ride, and peace of mind knowing that your e-bike is always ready to roll.

Read on to learn more about Wombi’s e-bike subscription and why it's the best way to try an e-bike in Los Angeles.

1. Better bikes for a better price

Riding an e-bike has never been more accessible and affordable, thanks to Wombi's e-bike subscription program. We searched far and wide for the best e-bikes, and landed on the Tern GSD and Tern Quick Haul - top quality e-bikes for carrying cargo, carrying passengers, and just having plain old fun. Whether you're cruising down the beach or navigating the bustling streets of Los Angeles, you can count on the reliability and quality of these bikes.

Better yet, the Wombi e-bike subscription for a Tern Quick Haul starts at a low monthly price of $99/month. For that price, you can experience the quality and power of a premium, top-line e-bike that retails for $3,299 (and that doesn’t even include the additional accessory, delivery, assembly, and maintenance cost). 

If a high price tag was keeping you from getting onto an e-bike, our low monthly fee should help get you over the line. 


2. Ready to roll

When it comes to Wombi's e-bike subscription, you don't have to wait to hit the road.

All Wombi e-bikes come equipped with the accessories you need to ride: lock, upgraded kickstand, alarm, cargo rack, and most importantly, insurance. This $200+ value is included in your monthly cost, and you don’t even need to worry about setting it up on your e-bike - we’ve got you covered. All you need is a helmet! 


3. Peace of mind

In Los Angeles, knowing that your e-bike is always in working condition is invaluable. But maintaining an e-bike here can be expensive - the average e-bike tune-up is $150! With Wombi’s innovative e-bike subscription, all maintenance and necessary upkeep is included in your monthly fee, ensuring that your e-bike is always ready to ride. Discover the joy of riding through Los Angeles stress-free, knowing that your e-bike is in the best hands possible.


4. Fully customizable

With Wombi's e-bike subscription in Los Angeles, you have the incredible opportunity to fully customize your ride to suit your personal needs and preferences. Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all e-bikes and hello to a truly personalized riding experience. Wombi has a selection of top-line Tern and Thule accessories to customize your bike. 

Have a dog? Check out our Quick Haul K-9 Cruiser package. What about a growing family? Check out Wombi’s GSD FamilyFlex package that allows you to change up your passenger carrying configurations for no additional cost. 


5. Freedom without commitment

With Wombi's e-bike subscription, you can experience the freedom of riding an e-bike without any commitment. Unlike traditional bike ownership, this subscription allows you to have the flexibility to switch out your e-bike whenever you desire. Whether you’re having your first kid or your third, you can swap bikes and accessories to meet your needs. And if you experience a lifestyle change or end up moving away from Los Angeles - you can end your subscription with no cost at all. 

Interested in trying Wombi? Sign-up for a test ride here or email is at info@wombi.us

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