Wombi | E-Bike Subscription FAQ - Your Questions Answered

Find answers to your questions about Wombi's e-bike subscription services. Explore our FAQ for details on pricing, plans, maintenance, and more. Start your e-bike journey today!

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What is an electric bike?

An e-bike is just like a regular bike, but it includes an electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery. The motor provides pedal assistance, which makes carrying a large load, heading up hills, or riding into the wind (or all of the above) a lot easier.

Wombi e-bikes have four different levels of pedal assistance, which allow you to get as much or as little help as you want. The motor makes it easy for you carry loads like kids or groceries, or to get where you’re going without getting overheated and sweaty. Ultimately, e-bikes help you to do more, ride more, and ride further.

You mentioned that e-bikes have a battery. Do I have to charge it?

Yes, you have to charge the battery if you want to use the electric motor. The charging process is as simple as plugging it in, just as you would with your mobile phone. To fully charge the battery for either the Tern GSD or Quick Haul, takes about 4 hours.

The battery can be removed from the bike for charging. This is super convenient if you want to take it up to your office with you to charge while you stare out the window and think about what you want to do next with your Tern.

So how long does a charge last? Using a single standard, fully charged battery, the Tern GSD will run between 32 and 65 miles with a single-battery configuration, depending on how heavily you rely on the pedal assist and how much load you carry. The Tern Quick Haul will run between 32 and 62 miles.

How do I take good care of my bike?

There are a couple of good practices we suggest.

  1. Keep the tires inflated. It’s best to check them often, before each ride if you can. We recommend 45 psi.
  2. Store the e-bike inside or under good cover – prolonged storage outdoors will cause damage, including rust. Inside storage is better for security purposes too. Don’t leave your bike parked overnight in public places (e.g., outside your office, school).
  3. Always lock your bike up - If you plan on storing your bike in a parking garage or other communal bike storage area, securely lock your bike using the frame lock and chain, and engage the alarm. As secure as these areas seem, they are prone to bike theft.

What are the requirements for storing my bike?

Your bike must be stored under cover, not visible from the street and always off street overnight. In your house is perfect, in the garage or shed is good too, as long as they are lockable. Storing in a public area like an open air garage or communal bike area is fine as long as they are secure and not accessible by the public. In these locations, and any location that isn’t secure, the bike must be locked up using the frame lock and chained to something solid, with the supplied alarm engaged.

All these details are important as they relate to our theft insurance and we may require you to provide evidence that you can meet these requirements.

How fast will my e-bike go?

The pedal assistance you receive from your e-bike is limited to speeds up to 20 mph for the Tern GSD and 28 mph for the Tern Quick Haul.

That said, you can ride your bike as fast as you want. Anything above the max assistance speed, however, will require you to either pedal hard or find a big hill.

How do I know I’ll fit on one of your e-bikes?

The Tern Quick Haul and GSD are built to be extremely flexible in terms of who can ride them. The bikes each have handlebars and seat which, when adjusted, accommodate any rider from 4’11” - 6’5” tall. And because the frames have low-step through heights, it’s easy to get on and off, no matter your size.

The best way to illustrate the flexibility of the Terns it to show you! We’d love to have you come by for a test ride. Go to our test rides page to book a time, or get in touch at info@wombi.us and we’ll organize your visit.

What is a subscription?

A Wombi subscription is a monthly lease of one of our e-bikes. For a fixed monthly fee, you receive a bike (of course) that is fitted out with everything you need to get on the road (you’ll need to bring your own helmet), maintenance by our expert mechanics, and cover for theft or damage.

Why should I get a subscription instead of just buying a bike?

We designed our subscription to be the best way to start riding and keep riding an e-bike. Our subscription is a simple way to see if doing more of your life on an e-bike works for you. We get you riding quickly and give you the flexibility to see if an e-bike is right for you.

The subscription is good value – Wombi’s e-bikes are top quality, from the tires to the brakes to the batteries. A subscription is also more flexible than owning a bike, because life changes and your needs might change. You can swap accessories, upgrade, downsize or give the bike back. You can even buy your bike, if you fall in love. It happens… You’ll never pay for maintenance, and our team can come to you for most repairs or bike/accessory swaps. Insurance, locks and alarms are costly but necessary items that don’t usually appear in the purchase price of a bicycle, but with a subscription you need not worry, because those things are included as well. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

All you have to do is send us an email. Cancellation will take effect 4 weeks from the day of notice, at which point you will bring back your e-bike, the bike lock, charger and any accessories that were included in your subscription.

Can I come test ride the bike first?

Absolutely. Head to this page to schedule a time, or send us an email to info@wombi.us

What if the bike gets damaged or stolen?

If your bicycle is damaged or stolen, you should get in touch with us to help you sort out the problem.

Each bicycle is covered by insurance that carries an excess of $500. In the case of damage above $500 or theft, the subscriber would be responsible for the $500 excess payment, while insurance would cover the rest.

Damaged or lost parts, components or accessories valued up to $500 will be charged to the subscriber at the value of the item/s.

Can you tell me more about the insurance?

The insurance included with your subscription only covers theft and damage of the bike, with an excess of $500. Check out our FAQ on ‘What happens if the bike gets damaged or stolen?’ for more information on how that works.

The insurance included with a subscription does not cover personal injury or third party insurance, which a lot of our customers get from either their own insurance company, or from third party insurers.

What is included with each bike?

Each of the Tern bikes is fully kitted out with almost everything you would need for your ride: front and rear lights, a heavy duty rack on the back, a lock, an alarm (fancy!) and, most importantly, insurance. The only thing you’ll need to provide is a helmet. Wombi also offers a range of accessories you can add on to suit your use, like child seats, panniers, or a rack for the front.

Can I buy one of your bikes?

Yes, you can. If you have been a subscriber for at least 18 months, you can buy your bike. The price will depend on how long you’ve been a subscriber. Get in touch with us at info@wombi.us and we will be more than happy to discuss.

Can I rent or buy your bikes for my business?

Yes, you can

We think our bikes can be great tools for many types of businesses. If you are interested, contact us at info@wombi.us and we can discuss your needs and what we can offer.

I am currently a subscriber and rider of the Tern GSD, but have decided that I would like to try the Quick Haul instead. Can I swap?

Yes, you can.

We allow one free swap within the first four weeks of your subscription, to ensure that you have found the best bike for you and your lifestyle. After the first four weeks of your subscription you can still swap, but we’ll charge you a fee of $100.

What about if I lose my key?

No problem - we’ll help you replace it, and charge a lost key fee of $120.

In which parts of Los Angeles do you operate?

We operate in most areas of Los Angeles, however there are a few differences in the subscription depending on where you live.

For customers who live within 6 miles of our shop, we include:

  • free delivery at the start of each subscription and pickup at the end.
  • free on-site servicing, where we make minor repairs at your house, while you wait.
  • free delivery and pickup for any service that needs to be completed at our shop.

And for those who are beyond 6 miles from our shop in Los Angeles, you may still able to get a subscription, however there will be an additional mileage fee. For customers further than 7 miles, Wombi will make a determination on ability to service.

What’s your address and when are you open?

We are located at 8586 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA. 

We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Get in touch at info@wombi.us if you want to schedule some service, swap some accessories, or test ride one of the Terns.