Dive into Wombi's E-Bike Setups

Dive into Wombi's E-Bike Setups

A great part about the Wombi e-bike subscription is the chance to tailor your ride using our setups. Our curated setups are hand-picked selections of accessories that make it easier to get started riding. 

Explore our top setups, like the Commuter or FamilyFlex, to find your perfect fit!

Quick Haul Commuter: Get there faster, and bring your stuff 

For the solo adventurer, this Wombi is your carefree (and car free!) escape from traffic and parking hassles. The Commuter answers your call for seamless travel and boundless space. With chic pannier bags on each side, it effortlessly carries your work, gym gear, and beyond. The Hauler Rack can carry the extras - like a 6 pack of brews or a package you’re taking home. Wave goodbye to parking stress, high gas prices and car payments – embrace swift arrivals with our expertly designed Quick Haul Commuter setup.

Quick Haul FamilyFlex: You + your baby 

Upgrade your daily commute with Wombi's sought-after setup, Quick Haul FamilyFlex -  perfect for a single-kid household. Our flexible package supports any accessory combination for a single kid. For small kids, start with the Thule Yepp Seat - then upgrade to a Captain’s Chair Setup as your child grows up, for no additional cost. Included roomy pannier bags hold backpacks and extra space for impromptu after-school errands. Embrace a fun, healthy life - say goodbye to ordinary car seats, and savor the freedom of the open road.

Quick Haul K-9 Cruiser: Your and your (fur) baby

Bringing your dog to the park, work, the store, happy hour, the vet? There’s room for your furry sidekick! Quick Haul becomes your pet's ultimate ride with the K-9 Cruiser setup, designed for their safety and comfort. Built-in straps make sure your fur baby is safe and secure, and you can always add a pannier back for additional style and space. Create cherished memories and explore together!

GSD Commuter: You CAN pack it all

This is the one for you if you’ve packed three suitcases for a weekend trip. No judgment from this GSD, it’s made to carry all the things. The extra large panniers make it easy to carry extra large loads, and the stable frame makes maneuverability a breeze. Need to pick up some brews on the way home? The Hauler Rack is perfect for that last little load. Trust us- you can carry a lot with this bike.

GSD FamilyFlex: Rethink the Minivan

Meet Your Second Car Replacement: GSD FamilyFlex. Effortlessly transport two kids, sports gear, and bags without the car tantrums. Our flexible package supports any accessory combination supporting two passengers as your kids grow. Carry two toddlers (1- 3 yrs), a toddler and a big kid, or even a toddler or big kid and an adult (date night plus one!). Enjoy school drop-off perks and conquer pick-up parking stress. Embrace a new era of family adventure without breaking a sweat!

(Panniers not shown here)

Still unsure about which setup is right for you?

Contact Team Wombi at info@wombi.us or sign-up here for a test ride! 

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