Rider Spotlight: Meet Samantha from Mid-City! 

Rider Spotlight: Meet Samantha from Mid-City! 

Los Angeles can be a big and difficult place to make home, especially when navigating by car. After nearly 10 years in this city, I’ve been aching for a better way to get around that is more connected to my community. I was beyond excited when I learned that a new ebike subscription company, Wombi, was coming to Los Angeles.

Jumping on as an early adopter, I've been breezing through an unexpected commute through work and life – a breeze made even sweeter by my trusty Wombi ebike. 

Full disclosure - I’m so jazzed about Wombi that I am not only just a rider, but I also work on the team full-time. 

Here’s how I navigate the labyrinth of work, happy hours, and grocery escapades at Trader Joe's, all while learning how to safely cycle in this city that I love


A cool start: Morning workout

I am a self-proclaimed early riser with a twist: up by 5:45am, but on “unsocial mode” until a fashionable 8am. Starting with a crawl to my kitchen for a large glass of water and an espresso shot, I throw my sneakers on, don my fanny pack with airpods, phone, and something new: ebike chain lock key. I was pleasantly surprised to catch the sunrise on my morning ride to the gym, which was a refreshing new addition to the start of my day. After my workout, I pedal home, cooled down by the breeze along the route.


Is she…French?: To my 9-5

After my 20-step skincare routine, I strap on my helmet, pack my work bag and laptop into my Wombi pannier bags, and my ebike propels me forward.  The extra pedal assist allows me to zip to work without breaking a sweat. Wind in my hair and sun on my face, I bike on the dedicated bike lanes on Venice Boulevard. This moment feels very Parisian, but I zoom past taco shops, coffee and donut restaurants, and fruit stands on a few corners. I barely noticed them previously; things I truly appreciate as uniquely L.A. The best part - I arrive quicker than if I had taken my car. 


Office to Happy Hour: The 5-9

The clock strikes five, and I transition seamlessly from business mode to celebration. My ebike effortlessly whisks me away to my favorite sushi spot, where friends and colleagues gather for a sun-kissed happy hour. Laughter mingles with the fading daylight, and I revel in the seamless rhythm of work and play. Until I remember I need lunch tomorrow.


Trader Joe's: A Culinary Excursion

As the sun sets, my ebike becomes my partner in culinary exploration. Ebike shopping has become one of my favorite hobbies. I bring my Wombi with me into the store, and though I came to grab a few pre-made salads for the week’s lunch, I emerge with my two pannier bags filled with groceries and scented candles I just had to have. Some call it overspending, I call it an embodiment of my zest for life and flavors.

I pedal back home, satisfied and ready for bed. Who knew that doing life on two wheels would be so fun in Los Angeles? 

Want to try out the ebike life? Sign-up here for a test ride or email us at info@wombi.us.

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